Apple Macbook Series PC Screen Protector Macbook Pro 14″ (2021 / 2023)


SKU: DYXH-1000896 Category:
Function Anti-scratch
Type Protective Front Film
Product Color Transparent
Applicable Brands Apple
Craftsmanship Machining
Material PC
Department Screen Protector
Category MacBook Series
Applicable Model MacBook pro 14″ (2021 / 2023)

Shape: Protective Front Film. Indulge in the crystal-clear clarity of our Protective Front Film styles. Made from high-quality materials, these films provide an invisible shield that keeps your device’s screen free from fingerprints, smudges, and scratches, while maintaining its original display quality.

Case Material: PC. Discover the perfect balance between style and protection with our PC Material phone case. The sleek design and durable PC material combine functionality with aesthetics, offering a fashionable and reliable solution to protect your device.

Applicable Series: MacBook Series. Discover the perfect fit and style with our customized protective cases for MacBook series. With options for different MacBook models, you can find the ideal case that matches your device and personal preferences, ensuring both style and protection in one package.

Applicable Brand: APPLE. Safeguard your iPhone in style with our fashionable range of cases. From classic designs to trendy patterns, our cases add a touch of fashion to your device while ensuring top-notch protection.

Function: Anti-scratch. Elevate your device’s protection with our Anti-Scratch Protective Film. The film’s multi-layered construction ensures maximum durability, guarding against not only scratches but also minor impacts, dust, and fingerprints.

Craftsmanship: Machining. Elevate your device’s resistance with our Machining Process Protective Cases. The sturdy construction and precise engineering make these cases highly resistant to everyday wear and tear, ensuring they maintain their protective capabilities over time.

Department: Screen Protector. Add a touch of premium craftsmanship to your device with our Screen Protectors. Designed with precision laser cutting, these protectors provide a perfect fit for your screen, ensuring full coverage and maintaining the original aesthetics of your device.

Weight 1 kg

Ultra Clear Tempered Film

Applicable Model

MacBook pro 14" (2021 / 2023)


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