There are many mobile phone protective cases on the Internet, of various types, such as silicone cases, water cases, jelly cases, Tai Chi cases, quicksand cases, leather rabbit cases, etc. What are the differences?

Mobile phone protective cases are generally plastic cases, and there are also silicone cases. This depends on the different materials used by different manufacturers. The classification of mobile phones is mainly based on materials and styles. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose a mobile phone protective case?

Recommended, matte back case

Will mobile phone protective cases affect the heat dissipation of mobile phones?

Most netizens are worried about this issue, but you don’t have to worry too much, because it depends on which kind of mobile phone protective case you are using. However, most of the mobile phone protective cases we produce are for the heat dissipation and cooling of mobile phones. Usability will not be affected.

Can a mobile phone protective case protect the phone from damage if it is dropped?

Most mobile phone protective cases can prevent damage to the phone, especially when the phone is accidentally dropped, they can provide some buffering effect. However, it is impossible for you to completely rely on it to protect your phone from being broken. It mainly depends on how you accidentally dropped your phone. However, since many mobile phone protective cases are made of silicone material, they still play a considerable role in cushioning.

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